East German Narrow Gauge Memories • App 52 mins • B&W and colour • Stereo Sound •

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This English language film covers a number of 750mm narrow gauge systems in Northern Germany, including those on the Island of Rügen, and the Mügeln, Oschatz and Wilsdruff systems, all photographed in the 1960s and early 1970s. Locomotive types seen in service include 0-8-0s, 2-8-0s, 0-10-0s, 2-10-2s and 0-4-0+0-4-0 compound Myers, most being either Saxon Railway designs, or based on them; a few of the steam locomotives seen here were built  during the 1960s.  The considerable use of transporter  wagons is very clear from this film, and the unusual compound articulated Meyer tank locomotives also figure prominently.
Other extras include extensive printable and illustrated notes on locations and locomotives in PDF format. Great historic interest, not just of the railways, but of a way of life, and very high quality dubbed sound. Also includes commentary in German if required, and in either English or German, the commentary can be switched of, so all you hear is the exceptional quality dubbed soundtrack.