DVD ... only in India• app. 70 minutes • colour


Very well made and shot film which makes an ideal introduction to India’s four narrow gauge mountain lines - the Darjeeling, Matheran, Nilgiri (or Ooty) and Shimla railways. All are shown with steam-powered trains, although the less well-known Matheran line is shown using a Darjeeling Class ‘B’ as motive power, its own O&K loco being out of service.

What makes this film that bit different from others is that it has more in the way of lineside shots, which really give you a feel for the countryside the railways operate through, and life going on around them. Amongst highlights are the Darjeeling trains negotiating the streets of Kurseong and its bazaar, but there is a huge amount to enjoy here.

Even the domestic authorities liked this!



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