Britain's First Gas-Turbine Locomotive No. 18000 - Demonstration Run Paddington to Plymouth Tuesday, 14th March 1950


Produced by the Railway Executive in March 1950 and distributed to participants in the demonstration run of the first main-line gas turbine locomotive, the Western Region's No. 18000 from Paddington to Plymouth on the 14th March 1950.

The first 41 pages are a detailed technical description of the locomotive and its propulsion system, followed by 3 pages of Time Tables (4 hours in each direction) and gradients, and 19 pages of 'Through the Window' giving details of what passengers were seeing on the run.

10 drawings and photographs, and a very nice fold-out painting of the locomotive heading a passenger train at speed.

The whole with a cardboard cover and bound by red and white twine.

This is interesting as it anticipates great things for gas-turbine locomotives, which No. 18000didn't real meet, mainly due to an incomplete knowledge of the performance characteristics of gas turbine engines in a non-aviation environment.