British Railways Pre-Nationalisation Coaching Stock Volume 1 GWR & LNER


Compiled by Hugh Longworth, this is the first of two volumes which have just under 1000 pages of small scale plans and the numbers of the all the coaching stock which British Railways inherited from its four constituent companies. ‘Coaching Stock’ including non passenger vehicles which ran in passenger trains - horse boxes, milk trucks etc., as well as passenger stock.

The thing that amazed me when I saw these books was just how much stock there was, its variety, and in many cases its age. The drawings are too small to be of specific modelling use, although  the layout plan will help get the interiors right. The listings show which coaches are preserved, but not location, and there are small numbers of B&W photos in each volume. Fascinating - in an odd way! 480 pages. Hardbound.

See also Volume 2  SR & LMS and British Railways Mark 1 and Mark 2 Coaching Stock