Building Crazy Car Models



End of Line    Condition: Very Good, Slightly worn edges on front cover.                  Author: Bruce Kimball    Publishers: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013    Pages: 52 

Since the 1960's and '70's, model companies have brought modelers some really crazy car models. They have been very popular kits to youngsters and adults of all ages over the years. This book is about building some of those models. If you ever wanted to create one yourself, you will enjoy the tips and ideas in this book to help you build a fun project of your own. Some of the projects inside the book are: The rare Monogram 1/12 scale Tom Daniel's Red Baron, the George Barris "Bathtub Buggie," the AMT "Aqua Rod," and the AMT "Lil' Mixer," and a version of Tom Daniel's "Vandal" with a twist. No matter what kind of wacky kits you are interested in, this book will help you work through some of their unconventional assemblies, and learn how you can enjoy building your own fun models