HTP Hosken, Trevithick, Polkinhorn & Co. Ltd.


This is the story and history of "The Families who controlled Cornwall's Great Conglomerate" - Hosken, Trevithick, Polkinhorn & Co. Ltd.

When this was founded in 1890 it brought together four prominent, respected Cornish families in an alliance that one later described as 'unholy'; three families were linked by marriage to fend off the aggressive tactics of the fourth.

HTP was founded with an excellent property portfolio and loads of Cornish cash that was invested from the remains of its mining and foundry industries.

Whilst it dominated many areas of Cornish commerce for years, HTP's problem was that it was more of an alliance of widely differing businesses and interests, each with its own management, rather than a conglomerate with a single corporate structure. As such it was bound to be inefficient, and in 1935 its milling interests were sold off to Spillers, and the remnants largely joined a new, company 'Farm Industries'. This was to continue for another 40 years, and its story will follow in a second volume,

This is a fascinating and entertaining book, even if, at times, the reader has to keep their wits about them when faced with the familes, their members and links. Author Philip Hosken is a direct descendent of the Hosken family involved in HTP, and his interest in finding out about the company's history has resulted in this considerable work. 289 pages, heavily illustrated with rather small B&W photos, plus copies of douments, engravings, family trees etc. Hardbound.