Instruments of Amplification Fun with homemade tubes, transistors and more


Tom Lindsay is a whiz on wireless (but useless on steam), which is why we sell his radio books. Whilst these two are not his, Tom recommends them highly and, on looking at them, I can see why - indeed I can more or less understand them! The first book is, as its name implies, about building essentially crystal sets completely from scratch, in particular not using any commercial electronic parts of any kind. Pete Friedrichs describes the way in which he approached this in an easy-to-follow way. The fact I largely understood it may have something to do with his approach being as much mechanical as electrical - although there are some horrible equations and formulae at the back of the book.The second book follows on this theme, involving the construction of amplifiers, microphonic relays, transformers etc., all from scratch. What really interests me about these books is not so much the fact they tell you how to make a radio and listen to sounds from the other side of the world, but the intellectual curiosity and pig-headedness that the author used to make the parts, when everyone told him it couldn’t be done. These books stir up the brain box in a very satisfying manner! 185 & 297 pages respectively, full of drawings diagrams and photographs. Paperbacks, published by the author.