Making Crucibles

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We have sold hundreds, if not thousands, of books on making your own furnace so that you can melt metal, but all of these books assume you will purchase a crucible for use with the furnace. As most of these books were written by Dave Gingery it is logical that Dave’s son Vince has now written a book on making your own crucibles. Two methods are described - both depend on making molds, but differ as to how these are used. Either way looks straightforward, and a lot of fun - my guess is that the second method, which involves concrete molds and some ancillary presses, is probably the best if you melt a lot of metal, and need a lot of crucibles. Covers making the clay for the crucible, firing it etc, and making crucible tongs. Excellent instruction.117 photos and drawings. Paperback. David J. Gingery Publishing