Making Model Victorian Stationary Engines


Well reviewed in 'Model Engineers' Workshop' No. 323 in which it was said that "the designs are still suitable for those with limited machining experience and a modestly equipped workshop" and "this is an ideal book of projects for anyone looking to get started in modelling stationary steam engines".

The three machines described here are an Open frame horizontal engine, a Vertical cross single, and a Grasshopper haulage engine, the latter having the largest diameter flywheel at 160 mm.

As well as good drawings and building instructions for each engine, the book starts with a chapter on the development of the stationary steam engine, and ends with how to super detaili you model, as well useful appendices.

175 page hardback, excellent for the beginner who doesn't want to start with "Ellie", "Ephraim" or "Stella"!