Portrait du Rail - 030 TU

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This issue of the French language magazine "ferrovissime" as it contains a 20 page article covering the history of the 77 0-6-0 tank locomotives of the USATC, accquired by the SNCF, these being the same as the 14 examples which the Southern Railway had and used mainly around the Southampton docks.

The French examples served all over France, largely as shed-pilots and were conssiderably modified over time, largely in connection with the fitting of oil firing.

19 photographs, tables of allocations etc. A model of these pugnacious little engines is currently available from Roco, and Hornby AchO had a model many years past, both in HO scale and this gives the background story to the type.

This issue of "ferrovissime" also includes some other interesting articles, including one on brake systems, another on the introduction 40 years ago of the first TGV services and so on. 78 pages in all.

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