Scottish Railway preservation society 0-4-4 tanks of the Caledonian Railway


Small 10 page information booklet

One of the most popular passenger tank engines to work on lines throughout Scotland has been the Caledonian 0-4-4. This versatile locomotive could be seen on all types of workings, but mostly on suburban duties for which they were built.

They were capable tank engines and suited to all their duties all over the Highlands and Lowlands. They became very popular and well known on the Cathcart Circle where they could be seen travelling at quite high speeds with eight or nine fully loaded suburban coaches.

In appearance they presented a very pleasing, shapely loco-motive. Unfortunately, some of them were later fitted with stovepipe chimneys which marred their outline completely. Some, how-ever, did survive with the normal "capped" chimney.

This booklet has been published to give the reader a rough outline of the history of this type of engine, as the Society is intending to purchase one of the last remaining engines of the 0-4-4 T classes that worked in Scotland.

It must be appreciated that to give a complete and detailed account would take far too much space and would certainly end in having a rather cumbersome and expensive book.

It should be noted that a similar booklet has been published giving the history of the other engine the Society wish to preserve, the N.B. Class N 15, 0-6-2 tank.


February, 1963.