The Acquired Wagons of British Railways - Volume 1

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This first volume in a series covers Fleet Composition and Brake Vans.

Thirty-three pages cover the various makes and types of wagons which came from private owner's fleets and were taken over by British railways during the Second World War and up to nationalisation. Virtually all of these were mineral or coke wagons.

The remaining 129 pages cover the goods brake vans pooled from all the British railway companies, which are covered in detail.

Whilst the numbering and renumbering may be of interest to the specialist, the major interest in this book, and subsequent volumes, is the large number of B&W photographs (over 250 here) which give a huge amount of detail for the modeller in any scale. No drawings though. 152 pages in all and hardbound.

As of July 2022, three more companion volumes are available:

Volume 2: All-steel Mineral Wagons

Volume 3: 13t Wooden-bodies Minerals. All types including Coke Wagons

Volume 4: General Merchandise Vans & Containers, Special Purpose Vans & Cattle Wagons