Train Mountain Triennial 2003 DVD 86 mins


BACK AGAIN! Over the years we have offered 3 DVDs of the Triennial Meetings at Train Mountain - the 71⁄2” gauge track in Oregon with (now) upwards of 18 miles of mainline, and 12 miles of sidings. Currently we list the DVDs of the 2006 & 2009 meetings but, as something to watch, there is no doubt this one was far and away the best of the four (not that the other three are bad). Train Mountain was a lot smaller in 2003, which may have made it easier to film - and Greg Robinson had use of a helicopter for some shots; maybe the variety of steam, I.C. and electric power (including a GWR?‘King’) in a number of of scales was greater than at the other Meets. Whatever - the 2003 Meet is available again and, amongst a huge amount more, you can once again enjoy the Superpower Triple Header when two steam articulateds and a 4-8-4 pulled nearly 100 wagons round the track.

Very enjoyable film and very highly recommended.

The DVD contains considerable extra footage and hundreds of still photos.