Modelling in Gauge 1 Book 2: John van Riemsdijk Contribution


Currently being reprinted, Due with us in a few weeks. 

John van Riemsdijk has spent a lifetime around railways - he was responsible for the curatorial setup at the National Railway Museum, and around model railways - after WWII he manufactured the clockwork mechanisms sold under the ‘Walker-Reimsdijk’ label and, after many years involved with Gauge 1, guided Aster through the design of many of their Gauge 1 locomotives and kits. His writings over the years for the G1MRA Newsletter on steam have been required reading by all members, and these have now been collected together into this book. There is much here on valve gears, boilers, exhausts and much else that is critical to the efficient running of model steam locomotives, as well as much more, all writing in a highly readable style. Whilst aimed at the Gauge 1 modeller, in truth there is an awful lot for any live steamer to enjoy and profit from here. This glowing review is not influenced, in any way, by the fact that John held my hand, and guided me throughout getting “La Locomotive a Vapeur” into print (honest!) - buy a copy and see for yourself. 118 page A4 format paperback with many photos and sketches.