The Multipurpose Model Steam Turbine


Subtitled "A Guide to successful Scratch-Building", G1MRA member Werner Jeggli has been building steam-turbine driven models in Gauge 1 for many years including two free-lance turbo-electric locomotives to begin with and then direct-drive turbine models of the LMS Turbomotive and the massive Pennsy PRR-S2.

He has described his experiments, failure and successes, in 12 issues of the G1MRA Newsletter, all of which are reproduced here preceeded by 30 pages on all the steps Werner has taken in building small turbines, including a Tesla one.

For the experienced model maker/engineer a steam turbine locomotive makes a splendid project, but this book is also a splendid read for the mechanically minded armchair modeller.

64 pages full of diagrams, drawings and colour photographs.