Build a Wooden Oscillating Engine (Price REDUCED - was £6.65)


 If you are starting in model engineering, have just bought your first lathe, or enlisted at night school, and are wondering what to build, Martin Gearing's wooden oscillating engine, the building of which is described here, is an excellent first project.

Equally, if you are looking for a project to enthuse the younger generation to make something that works, under your supervision, they don't come better than this.

The real beauty of the idea is that the material the engine is made from - flooring grade chipboard and softwood, is very cheap, so that any errors made can be corrected at minimal cost. And the finished machine is impressive in motion; in case you are wondering it is powered by a vacuum cleaner! 36 A4 pages. 58 B&W?photos and 6 drawings. Softcover. Camden

Whilst this project is intended to teach skills associated with metalworking, and assumes the use of a metal turning lathe, a skilled woodturner should be able to make this engine on a woodturning lathe. The only major requirement is that they can bore the cylinder, and turn the piston round, and to the correct dimension.

A DIGITAL EDITION of this book is also available - click HERE for details

Like to see Martin's engine working?