Air Board Technical Notes Vol. 1 Aircraft Engines


We first reprinted this book back in 1997 - now we have reprinted it again!

These Notes were originally published pre 1918, and were intended to help maintenance staff in the field to keep early aircraft engines running.

They start with 16 pages of General Notes which, whilst to the point, reflect the fact that they concern what was then very new technology. They then turn to specific engines: The 90 H.P. R.A.F. 1a (19 pages), the 120 H.P. Beardmore (19 pages), the 80 H.P. Gnome (17 pages), the 100 H.P. Monosoupape (15 pages), the 80 H.P. Le Rhone (16 pages) and the 110 H.P. Clerget (18 pages).

Each section has drawings, photos and diagrams of the engine, together with text which covers the engine's maintenance, technical  specifications, construction and operation. You get VEE types, in line and rotary engines here.

If you are building a model of one of these engines, the book will be invaluable in getting it "right", but there is so much information here that anyone interested in IC engines, and aero engines in particular, will find this book a delight. Paperback.