Bluebell Railway into East Grinstead • DVD • app.75 mins (SALE)


The Bluebell Railway was Britain’s first standard gauge preserved railway, opening in 1960. For much of the next 52 years it ran just over 4 miles from its terminus at Sheffield Park to Horsted Keynes, but in March 2013 it more than doubled in length when it opened through to East Grinstead, the result of truly Herculean efforts.

This film largely covers the period from 1994 through to opening of the extension, in a snowstorm, but there is also full coverage of the Autumn 2015 ‘Giants of Steam’ Weekend.

One of the many attractions of the Bluebell Railway is that it has always held largely true to its original status as a Southern secondary line, with locomotives and trains appropriate to that. The major part of this well shot film very largely reflects this, although A4 Pacific ‘Bittern’ and a 9F slightly spoil the effect during the Steam Weekend, but look splendid!