Caledonian Railway Locomotives - the Classic Years


Covered in this second volume are the locomotive designs of Dugald Drummond, John Lambie, J.F. McIntosh and William Pickersgill, covering a period of some forty years for much of which the Company was at the forefront of locomotive design in the British Isles.

Drummond's work produced some exceedingly robust and effective locomotives of which the "Dunalistair" 4-4-0s went through succesive improvements under Lambie and MacIntosh to provide the backbone of the Company's passenger power for much of the period. The magnificent 903 class 4-6-0s, including the famous "Cardean" were  a product of the McIntosh era and whilst Pickersgill was less succeful at the end of the era his 4-4-0s lasted virtually until the end of the steam era, as did some of the 'Jumbo' 0-6-0s which were considerably older. And all through the period covered the passenger locomotives had perhaps the most beautiful livery of any British railway.

To an extent this book is based on the author's classic 'Forty Years of Caledonian Steam Locomotives', published in 1974, but expanded out of all recognition both in format, text and especially photographs and drawings.

Combined, the two volumes may well be the most comprehensive overall history of the development of any railway's steam locomotives. Very highly recommended.

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