Chicago Traction Combo - DVD (Last Copies)


Not only is the title of this DVD rather misleading, but the rather boring cover hides an absolute feast of delights on the disk. Included here are three programmes, all under the Midwest Electric Lines heading - Outside Chicago, Chicago’s 3 Interurbans, and 90 Years of Chicago Traction.The first of these features, amongst others, The Indiana Railroad, the Illinois Terminal, and the Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern, plus the streetcar systems of Indianapolis, St. Louis and the Twin Cities. The second programme visits the North Shore, the South Shore and the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin, plus the Illinois Central Electric and the Gary Railways. The last programme covers the urban lines of Chicago, including horse, cable and electric services, note to mention the famous ‘Elevated’. The films range from around 1900 up to 1990, but the vast majority come from the 30s, especially the 40s and the 50s, and most have transferred well to tape, and many have kept their colour. So this really is a ‘time machine’, not just for the trams, trolleys or interurbans, but the streets, cars, buses and lorries, not to mention the passengers. You will like this - honest