DVD Wilsdruff and Mügeln Narrow Gauge Systems 1966-1977


54 mins • B&W & colour • Stereo Sound

Ton Pruissen and colleagues made a number of visits to these two 750mm gauge systems to the north-west of Dresden between 1966 and 1977, during which the footage used in the two films on this DVD was taken.

The first film covers the more southerly Wilsdruff system, which had been built by the Saxon State Railway. The spiders-web of lines to Nossen, Lommatzsch, Döbeln (where there was a connection with the Mügeln system) Freital-Potschappel and Klingenberg-Colmnitz  was centred on the large station at Wilsdruff. Motive Power was 0-10-0 tanks of various generations of the Saxon Railways V1 K class.

The second film on this DVD is of the Mügeln system. This was simpler with lines radiating from Mügeln, the first to Oschatz and Strehla, and a second to Wermsdorf and Neichen - this had a branch to Kroptewitz. A third line from Mügeln to  Dobëln and the Wilsdruff system was not filmed. Up until 1988 this system used the rope-worked Heberlein brake system, which is  seen in action. The section from Mügeln to Oschatz continues in operation as the Döllnitztalbahn. Motive power seen is Saxon IV K class 0-4+4-0 Meyers, again of various generations and rebuilding dates.

The film may be played with the superbly dubbed stereo sound, but without the English commentary and a map of the system is on the back of the cover.