Garrett Undertype Steam Wagon Catalogue c. 1924 DIGITAL ORIGINAL



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Many years ago a then 82 year old customer, Mr. Edward J Barrow of Birmingham sent me the original of this catalogue, as he didn't want it to be thrown away when he died, and thought we might find it useful. So here it is and I am delighted to make it available to a wider audience.

Richard Garrett & Sons produced their first undertype steam wagon in 1904, but it was not successful and it wasn't until 1921 that the firm embarked on the construction of a prototype for a new design intended to compete head-on with Sentinel products. This was produced in 4 and 6 ton versions, and as this catalogue shows, these were well thought-out vehicles, which sold well. It was also available in 8 ton, 8 ton tipper and 10 ton Rigid 6- wheeler form, not shown here.

As well as standard flatbed and sided versions, these wagons could be fitted with various bodies for municipal work, including cesspool and gully emptying,  and Garretts also made a clever design of steering trailer to partner the wagons; all are4 described and shown in the 70 pages of this fascinating publication. 23 full page B&W photos of wagons, 8 photos of boiler, engine, transmission and tipping gear mechanism, and 9 photos of the trailers.

Rare information!

NB - this book was also well referred to by Mr. Barrow, and some pages are marked. However it has reproduced very well, and rather larger than the original.