Geoff William's Aylesbury LNWR Researching and Modelling the Prototype


Geoff Williams died in 1998, but by that time his EM gauge model of Aylesbury LNWR staion and surrounds was complete.Whilst it was built into a loft, the standard of every aspect of the modelling was of the highest quality for the 170s & 80s, and is still extreemely high by today's standards.

Written by Mr. Williams' eldest son Bob looks at the layout, and especially the detail research undertaken to ensure it was as true to the prototype as possible. No mean undertaking given that the passenger service on the line had ended three years before  Mr. Williams found the line.

An inspirational story and a very well prdouced book.120 pages. Around 200 photos, some in colour, and sketches. Large format paperback.