Hill Railways of the Indian Subcontinent


Described here are seven hill railways in the Indian subcontinent - two, the Zhob Valley Railway and the Khyber Pass Railway in Pakistan, and five, the Kangra Valley, the Kalka - Shimla, the Darjeeling-Himalayan, the Matheran Light and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. All of these were 2", 2'6" or metre gauge, other than the Khyber Pass Railway which was 5'6" gauge.

The history of each line is told, including summaries of their operations and descriptions of their routes, with a map and gradient chart of each. There are also locomotive listings, and over 270 historical and modern photographs, many in colour. 208 pages. Larger format Paperback, and definitely a book to enjoy.

The following DVDs cover five of these lines, only the Zhob Valley and the Kangra Valley are missing. "Only in India" cover the Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Kalka-Shimla and Matheran Light Railways, whilst "Pakistan Steam" has short sections on the Khyber Pass line, and the similar Bolan Pass line further south. All have preview clips.

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