How to Run a Lathe {1966) • DIGITAL EDITION


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Looking for a really good lathe book? This is the one! First published by the South Bend Lathe Co. in 1907, this Digital Edition is of the 56th edition, which appeared in 1966.

Most lathe manufacturers published guides to using their diffent models of lathes, but whilst this features South Bend Lathes in illustrations and some instructions, this is a guide to using any lathe, covering virtually all the operations you can do on a screwcutting lathe. 

'How to Run a Lathe' was published by an American company, largely for the American market, but lathes do work on the same principles wherever they are built, the only major difference is that American toolholders are frequently different to others. However the shape of the tools, and what they are used for remains exactly the same.

I kept a copy of this book by my lather for years until we moved, and was lost. I managed to track down a second hand copy, which is now heading rapidly to my workshop having been scanned to produce this book. A previous owner had used marker pens to highlight points he considered important, and these marks remain visible in some places, but don't detract from the book's legibilty.

128 pages crammed with useful guidence for lathe users.