IN SEARCH OF A DREAM The life and work of Roye England (Second Edition)


The story of Pendon Museum, and the man whose dream it was, Pendon containing what is almost certainly the best model railway layouts ever built; in fact the call them model railway layouts is an insult, as the main one is a meticulous recreation, based on the Oxfordshire Vale of the White Horse of Britain in the early 1930s, which just happen to have a railway running through it. Everything you see has been built by hand, and the effect is stunning.

The first edition more or less ended at the death of the Museum's founder Roye England and has been out of print for twenty years. The original story has additional chapeters show how Roye's work has been continued, and at 262 pages this edition is 46 pages longer than the original, has been reset, with many extra photographs, the majority is colour. A veritable book of delights, and an inspiration to modellers. Paperback.

See this clip for scenesof all the three layouts at Pendon

 and THIS ONE for more details of the Museum, opening times etc.