Island Time Warp · DVD · 115 mins

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This highly evocative film was shot between 1994 and 1996 by railway author Adolf Hungrywolf and his son Okran. This was before Cuba started to realise its tourist potential and, as Canadians, Adolf and Okran enjoyed considerable freedom in their travels recording Cuba’s amazing railways during this period. Whilst the sugar mill lines, virtually completely steam operated, feature strongly whether they are standard or narrow gauge, there are numerous scenes on journeys over the State Railway, behind a bewildering variety of diesel locomotives from numerous manufacturers and countries. Also featured is the unique Hershey Electric Railway, by then the last true American style interurban. As will be seen the fact that any of these railways operated was frequently  thanks to the Cuban genius for improvisation, and this film isn’t just about railways, it is also about the people who worked on them, and used them. Sadly, many of the scenes seen in this DVD will never be seen again; since 1996 many of the locomotives and lines have been scrapped, or are no longer operating, adding to the historical significance of this film. Originally issued on video in 1996, but now re-mastered with a new and updated commentary.