JOHN RENNIE 'Engineer of many splendid and useful works'

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Scotsman John Rennie was one of the leading civil engineers in Great Britain and Ireland for thirty years, from the canal mania until his death in 1921. As well as canals he designed bridges, drained extensive areas of the Fens, planned and built ports and harbours, naval dockyards and sea defences. He also continued millwrighting (mechanical engineering) which was his original profession. He built the longest cast iron span in the world, and his Waterloo Bridge in London has been praised as the finest masonary arch bridhe. The Bell Rock Lighthouse that he designed is now the oldest sea-swept lighthouse in the world.

The author of this splendid book is a retired civil engineer, and has written a detailed, informative and highly readable biography of Rennie, one of the leading engineers of the generation of Watt, Telford and others.

208 pages, well illustrated and hardbound.