Journeys with a Camera


If ever we had a book which should appeal in theory to all our British customers at least, it is this one.

We have previously offered two of Ted Readings books of photographs of British Railways steam in the 1950s & 60s, and the coming of the diesel. In this latest volume Ted offers B&W photographs mainly from the 1950s to the 1970s and whilst he again has the end of BR steam and early diesels, he also covers a whoe range of other subjects - in no particular order, aviation, industrial archaeology, farming, mines, ships, road steam and motor vehicles. The last category includes quite a lot on Ted's favoured mode of transport, namely motor bikes.

All linked by an informative and frequently amusing text, this is an enjoyable and nostalgic read.

This is a slightly larger than A5 format paperback with somewhere around 700 or more B&W photos. Rather unsportingly Ted, who published the book, hasn't numbered the pages, but going by weight, I would think there are at least 400 of them.