Lathe and Planer Tools {1908} DIGITAL EDITION



This book has been out of print for some time, and is now reintroduced as a digital book for viewing on a computer, iPad or the like. Not downloadable on to a 'Kindle' or similar reader.

Originally Published by The Industrial Press in 1908, then reprinted by Lindsay Publications in 1986, but out of print for many years, we have brought this back as a Digital Edition because it is just very good.

Written many, many years before diamond tipped tools were introduced, in fact at a time when most machine shops would have forged there own tool steel, this concentrates largely on the correct shape of the tools for various turning or planing operations and how to achieve them.

Like most American books of this period, it is clear, concise and to the point; discard the now out-of-date information and there is still much here of value.

40 pages. 59 illustrations and engravings.