Le Chemin de Fer du Blanc à Argent


Published in 1911 to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the opening of this metre gauge in central France. Crossing the Indre and Cher departements, the original plans for this 191 km line were for a standard gauge line, but this was modified to metre gauge, presumably on cost grounds.

The line connected two major PO routes, and was operated by a PO subsidiary for many years. It had no major scenic attractions, but a spectacular chateau style station at Valencay. Steam was 0-6-0 tank locomotives, which lasted into the 1950s, Diesel railcars arrived in the 1930s. Amazingly, around half the line remains in service today as a commercial enterprise, and another section is home to a preserved railway.

A brilliant history of this survivor, with considerable B&W and colour photos, drawings of rolling stock and stations, plus station track plans. French language. Hardbound.

NB Not that many copies left!