Le Réseau Breton Tome 1 De la création aux années 1940


Between 1891 and 1907 the metre gauge lines of the Réseau Breton spread across Brittanny like a spider centred on Carhaix. One of the largest of all French narrow gauge systems, and after World War 11 the largest, this was a narrow gauge system with considerable style, possibly because it was built, albeit at arms-length, by the mainline Compagnie de l'Ouest.

This superb volume, the first of two, takes the history of the railway up to the immediate post-war period after which, railcars were introduced in quantity.

As well as the history of the railway, also covered in this volume are the steam locomotives, including the standard gauge ones used on the standard gauged Guingamp line,, the coaches, wagons and fourgons, and the departmental rolling stock, the rail, signalling, passenger and goods buildings, turntables, station layouts and 'les ouvrages d'art' or bridges.

B&W, plus some colour photos galore,scale drawings of locos, rolling stock, wagons, buildings, bridges etc., station layouts and much more; this really is very good.

French text, 320 pages. Hardbound