Les Transpyreneen ax Les Thermes Puigcerda


This work, the most comprehensive to date on this subject, has just been published. 

It traces the history of the construction of the trans-Pyrenean line from Ax-les-Thermes to Puigcerda. With more than 200 photos, most of them unpublished, from the photographic plates of professional photographer V. Builles. This book covers the entire period of this major project at the beginning of the 20th century (1908 to 1929). The works, the strikes, the tribulations of the companies with the personnel and also with the State, the news items and many other points are developed there mainly through newspapers of the time and private archives. If Roger Latour was responsible for the iconography of the historical part, the writing and the formatting of the whole, he benefited from the assistance of Jean-Patrick Delpect, a young retired railway worker, who provided technical information and current views. A book which retraces with passion and details one of the major projects in the upper Ariège valley. 

Condition - Very Good