Machine Shop Know-How - The Tips & Techniques of Master Machinists

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Every now and again a book crosses the desk which rocks my socks off (to use a modern expression). Frank Marlow's Machine Shop Essentials was one and, if it is possible, this is even better. Here are 520 pages of Tips and Techniques and the section titles (see the 3 index pages illustrated above) will give a good idea of this book's coverage.

No photographs, but nearly 600 specially drawn drawings compliment the very clear explanations. As with the earlier volume, this really will be invaluable to the newcomer to model engineering, and I am certain even a highly experienced engineer will find valuable hints, tips and ideas here. Larger format paperback.

We have previously sold this book in quantity up until around 2016, when we withdrew it, being under the mistaken impression it had gone OOP.

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