Making Small Gas-Fired Boilers for Steam Models

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Alex Weiss's second book on building small gas (LPG) fired boilers, sadly published posthumously. As with his Building Small Boilers for Gas Firing, Alex had technical assistance from Keven Walton on this book.

Compared with 'Building Small Boilers ....' the major difference here is that the boilers decribed, whilst still meeting the UK three-bar litre requirements, are more complex to make, some having straight fire tubes, another has fire tubes curving to the bottom of a horizontal boiler and another - a Galloway boiler, has cross tubes in a large central flue.

The construction of all the boilers is described in great detail and in step-by-step stages, with text, drawings and all-colour photographs. Also covered are burners appropriate to each boiler.

For anyone wanting to learn how to make small gas fired boilers for model boats, traction engines, or railway locomotives, this book will be indispensible.

160 hardbound pages.