Metal Finishing Techniques (Second edition) NOW AT A MUCH REDUCED PRICE!



In this best-selling book Alex Weiss looks at the various methods of getting that ‘right’ finish on metal, be it for fit, or for aesthetic reasons.

After a 10 page introduction to the subject, 10 chapters follow covering: Grinding, Sanding, Buffing and Polishing, Honing and Lapping, Reaming, Broaching, Burnishing and Scraping, Bare Metal Finishes (these include plainishing and peening, chasing and repoussé, engraving, knurling, oil or grease coating, other rust barriers and etching), Metal Colouring and Painting.

Whilst you will not learn every last-thing on these subjects from this book - there is, after all, only so much that can be put into 120 A4 format pages, there is a huge amount of relevant information here, which any model engineer will find useful. I learnt a lot from this book, especially on exactly what happens to metal as it is worked in various ways.

High quality paperback, full of B&W photos, and diagrams, plus a listing of useful contact and suppliers.

This second edition has a slightly revised and updated text, and a number of different illustrations.