Milling Machine Kinks 1908


Hints, tips and other information taken from the experiences of practical men, as originally published in The American Machinist. Sections include: Feeds and Speeds, Setting Cutters Central, Milling a Heart Shaped Cam, a New Way of Milling Cams, Cutting Racks, Accuracy in Work on the Miller, Indicators as applied to Milling Machines, a special rig for cutting Bevel Gears, assorted Boring Tool Holders, a Slot-Milling Rig, Boring an Elipse and much more. Based mainly around horizontal mills, most of the ideas and tools can be used in vertical ones; tools are shown in conceptual, rather than detail, drawing form. Great ideas book! Buy a copy today - you will find it invaluable in your workshop. 99 page illustrated paperback. Camden