Miniature Injector Studies - Testing, Measurement and Theory (DIGITAL EDITION)


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 Having made several miniature injectors, seen many injectors working and some not working, the author always felt that they seem to be treated as being a black box about which there is little understanding of exactly how they really work or what influences the performance of an injector.

Much has been published about miniature injectors over the last century and excellent work published on how to make an injector. However, there has not been any systematic documentation of how varying the many different critical dimensions of an injector can influence the injector performance. And, as far as we know, there has not been any relatively simple theoretical model published that can predict the injector performance when critical dimensions are changed; hence, these were the driving forces behind this book.

Whilst both useful and interesting if you want to build a highly efficient injector, this book does, not surprisingly, contain a considerable amount of maths!

125 pages with some photographs, and many graphs and diagrams.

NOTE: This Digital Edition allows you to print out single pages or two page spreads.