Peter Angus Locomotive Builder - Now Reduced by 40%!


Peter Angus may, or may not, be a name you will immediately recognise, but he is probably the most prolific builder in the world of small-scale live steam locomotives. Working with his colleague Mike Lax, over three hundred locomotives have so far been constructed for the 16mm narrow gauge track widths of 32m and 45mm, plus one Gauge 1 locomotive, - his only electrically powered model.

All of Peter's models share the common features of looking and behaving like the real thing, being very reliable and having good handling characteristics.

You will find photographs of the vast majority of Peter’s locomotives within the pages of this book, but there is much more, including historical and technical details of the prototypes, how the models have been built, the ways he ensures their realistic performance, the different methods of firing, how he often fits unobtrusive radio controls, and so on, all whilst keeping a near scale appearance.

This isn't a book of instructions on how to build small-scale live steam locomotives, but it will give you lots of ideas, hints and tips on on how to do this, plus a host of possible prototypes.

Whilst this book will have especial appeal to anyone lucky enough to own one of the locomotives Peter has built, it will also be a source of inspiration to anyone building their own smaller-scale live steam locomotive. The prototypes range from well known narrow gauge locomotives, through Garratts, Kitson-Meyers, Sentinels, Shays and Avonside locomotives to the very unusual. This truly is a book that will provide pleasure, inspiration and enjoyment for many, many years.

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221 pages, full of all sorts of delights, including archive B&W photos of prototypes and hundreds and hundreds of colour photographs of models in various stages of assembly, plus some drawings. Hardbound. Camden

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