Pichi Richi and the Northern Australia Railway Dream 120 mins DVD


The original video of this name, shot in 1999 and now withdrawn, showed operations over the original 25 kms of preserved line through the Pichi Richi Pass in South Australia, using “W” class 4-8-2s and a “T” class 4-8-0. There was also a fascinating sequence showing an original “Steam-motor”, of a type extinct during the 1920s in the U-K, at work. This DVD, double the length, includes a lot of extra footage shot in 2005, by which time the line had been considerably extended to Port Augusta, and extra locomotives are shown at work on the line. The Pichi Richi Railway may not be well known outside Australia, but it is an interesting operation, through difficult terrain - and it is worth buying this DVD just to see the steam-motor in operation! Usual high quality film one expects from this producer.