Plastics for Modellers


New Copy found whilst doing our recently stock take! 

A comprehensive guide to the use of plastics in the many and varied fields of modelling. This book describes the various types and forms of plastics and details their useful characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. 

It also explains how to source them, how to work with them when making models and examines their applications in each of the many and varied branches of modelling: flying model aircraft; rockets; model power boats, yachts and submarines; model cars; plastic kits; scratchbuilt models of aircraft, ships, spacecraft and cars; figures for aircraft, boats, cars, fantasy games, military modelling or railway layouts; buildings for dolls, railways or wargaming; railway locomotives and rolling stock (7.5 inch to N gauge); Model engineering models and tools; electronics. Well illustrated with informative line drawings, instructive photographs and amusing cartoons, the book is a mine of information which explains why you might choose, or prefer to substitute, plastics for the more commonly used materials such as wood and metal.

Alex Weiss has first-hand experience both of working in many different areas of modelling and of using the majority of the materials described. He has packed a lifetime of working with plastics into this concise and practical book.