Railways in Egypt 1952-1953 & Steam in Turkey Vol. 2 1978-1979


This is the first film we have ever seen of Egyptian steam in action and there is plenty here, even if, when it was shot by Dutchman Albert Nymeyer in 1952 & 53, the first diesel locomotives were in use, and diesel railcars had been around for some time. The film (B&W & app 25 mins) shows the two Cairo termini, follows the suburban line to Helwan, and the major trunk routes to Alexandria and Luxor. Steam types seen are Atlantics, 4-6-0s, 2-6-0s, various tank locos, 8Fs and even glimpses of Sentinel steam railcars. Plenty of cab rides in railcars show how European this system appeared, right down to Wagon-Lits on the Luxor train. Fascinating and unique viewing.

Steam in Turkey Vol. 2 (colour and 30 minutes) was shot by Ton Pruissen in 1978 and 79, and shows operations around Izmir, and along the Kahraman Maraş branch - this latter with 2-6-0s. The classes seen around Izmir are largely Mikados and 2-10-0s of various eras, and there are dramatic shots of a heavy freight attacking the steep gradients of the Selçuk Pass. Dramatic scenery, great colour and interesting locomotives.

(Steam in Turkey Vol. 1 will be found HERE)