Reminiscences of a Trainspotter


Books like this really should not be allowed, as they make old men wallow in too much nostalgia and too many memories - the reviewer knows this only too well, having read the author's description of being on the platform at Woking station on the 9th July 1967, the very last day of Southern Region steam, seeing the very last "Bournemouth Belle" headed by a diesel. The disappointment was palpable - I know, as I was also there!

However there is much to enjoy here, as whilst the Southern Region is probably in the majority, there are tales of other trainspotting trips to see the last of steam on other regions, not forgetting in Northern Ireland and in France.

Given that they were all scanned from original prints, the photographs have very largely scanned well, and are all well composed.

67 page paperback including 112 photos. The author adopts the nom-de-plume Trainspotter", but is actually David Wardale, and here he tells of his life before The Red Devil.