Robinson Eight-coupled Locomotives


Starting in 1902 with three 0-8-0's, the Great Central heavy freight  locomotive fleet grew rapidly, and at the Grouping 241 eight-coupled locomotives passed to the new LNER. These were in the form of 0-8-0's, 0-8-4 & 2-8-2 tank locos and assorted classes of 2-8-0 tender locomotives, all well built, efficient and powerful locomotives.

Whilst never engaged in anything other than heavy freight haulage, they were so well thought-of that the ROD ordered 500 of the 2-8-0s during the First World War, and 300 went to France. After the end of the conflict, four UK railways bought examples, and others went to China and Australia. In 1941 92 were requisitioned and saw service all over the Middle East. And in the UK some lasted in BR service until 1966.

Amongst much more, also covered here are the various modifications and rebuildings carried out under Gresley and Thompson.

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