ROGERS & COMPANY Boilermakers of Bristol Order Book 1830-1866


This remarkable volume is an exact facsimile of the hand-written Order Book of Messrs Rogers & Company, a very early firm of boilermakers based in Bristol, who manufactured boilers and other plant for numerous West Country firms during the early and mid years of the Industrial Revolution.

Amongst their customers were numerous colllieries, both large and small (some now virtually unknown) in the Bristol and North Somerset coalfield, as well as dozens of other industrial and transport concerns, including the Grand Western Canal, for whom they manufactured the huge water buckets used to power the Wellisford inclined plane. Another was Henry Stothert of Bath, the precursor to Stothert & Pitt the cranemakers.

Each order indicates the number and size of plates required for the job, and normally by a sketched shape the type of boiler - ‘haystack’, ‘egg-ended’(high pressure) etc., etc.

192 large format pages of which 184 are direct copies of the Order Book. Hardbound.