Rough Cut Life: Logging Railroad Stories [DVD]


six steam locomotive enginemen tell anecdotes of their experiences in the woods, which are intercut with 16mm archival films dating back to 1903.

Wrecks, run-aways, humorous incidents in camp, and double-headed snow plowing are among the subjects covered in this personal look at a long-vanished life-style.

Story Quotes from The Film
"I seen this flunky picking the flies out of the batter. I said 'no more hotcakes'."
"When the engine came to that derail, it flipped right over on its side in the bay."
"When he threw the train into emergency stop, it tore the stove right up from the floor of the caboose."
"I worked 240 hours in two weeks and took home a check of $90."
"The log cars derailed and knocked the cookhouse off its foundation."