Ruston & Hornsby Locomotives


Hugely updated and expanded 2nd Edition of Eric Tonks' second printing with corrections of the 1974 edition of the Pocket Book on Ruston & Hornsby, published by the Birmingham Locomotive Club.

Between 1931 and 1968 Ruston & Hornsby built around 6475 diesel locomotives, far more than any other British company in a number of gauges, up to standard gauge, the class and numbering system being distinctly unusual. The vast majority of these were for industrial use.

At one point the author says "There is in particular much scope for enquiry into the mechanical and design aspects of Ruston locomotives as I have dealt with these only to a depth sufficient to bring out the principles of the classification schemes and to explain how Rustons were able to penetrate the available markets so satifactorily".

Whilst this largely remains the case, the sheer number of photographs, plus a good number of general arrangement drawings and informative text will certainly keep modellers happy!

244 very well produced pages. Around 440 colour and B&W photographs, drawings and schematics, Case Studies and a Numerical List of Locomotives. Hardbound.