Selection of Papers by L.D. Porta Volume 2 Adhesion, Compounding and the Tornado Proposal


Another volumne of Papers by Dante Porta, transcribed and edited by Chris Newman with help and advice from David Wardale and Shaun McMahon; I salute them as photostated copies of Porta’s handwritten papers are not the easiest of documents to read.

This volumes 246 pages contain a reworked transcription of the Fundamentals of the Porta Compounding System, also in original form in our own book of Porta papers. The bulk of this book is A Proposal for the Tornado Project, but there is also a paper on Adhesion in Advanced Steam Locomotive Engineering and, by David Wardale, a Paper on Locomotive Boilers: Firebox Stays: Breakage - an analysis of boiler problems on Tornado. The inclusion of these two papers on 'Tornado' obvioulsy make this volume of considerable extra interest to British readers.

Effectively unillustrated, but includes numerous technical drawings, sketches etc, and is a paperback.

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