Steam in Hungary & Yugoslavia 1964-1981 • DVD • 51 mins app. • B&W and colour


The first and longer (app. 40 mins.) of the two films on this DVD covers standard and narrow gauge steam on the MÁV in Hungary, industrial and narrow gauge railways, and a short sequence on the private international GySEV system between Hungary and Austria.  The main class seen are the unusual and handsome Class 424 4-8-0s on every type of service, including push-pull passenger trains, and the Class 324 2-6-2s. Also covered in detail are the Class 275 2-4-2 tanks, by then a very rare wheel arrangement, and a number of other classes, as well as an industrial rack railway, and a horse drawn railway.
Most of this film was shot at Sáránd and Szerens and between Pápa and Tatabábanya.

 In Yugoslavia Ton Pruissen suffered considerable attention from the secret police, and the all-standard gauge film shot on the JŽ is much shorter as a result. Largely shot around Ljubljana, Virovitica and Kosovo, a large variety of locomotives are seen, including: Class 28 0-10-0s, Class 25 2-8-0s, Class 53 2-8-2 tanks, Class 53 0-6-0 tanks (the USATC type), Class 03 4-6-0s, the 3 cylinder Class 30 2-10-0s, Class 11 4-8-0s (basically the Hungarian 424 class), Class 20 2-6-0s and Class 17 2-6-2 tanks.

Both films include short pre-war sequences. Extras include background information and printable maps of of the Hungarian and Yugoslav railway systems, all in PDF format.

Very high quality dubbed stereo sound, as always from Ton. The films may be played with sound, but no commentary, and may be viewed by chapter.