The Doble Steam Car - Model E Brochure (circa 1925) DIGITAL ORIGINAL



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One of the technical geniuses of the age of steam, Abner Doble produced a series of steam cars, culminating in his Model E, produced between 1921 and 1925, which was the high point of steam car design.

The Model E was capable of speeds in excess of 90 mph, could run 1500 miles without needing its water tank refuelled, and its fuel costs were similar to IC engined cars of the period. This Digital Original reproduces a seemingly incredibly rare brochure issued by Doble Steam Cars describing the Model E in some technical detail, with B&W illustrations of variants, the chassis and the major parts.

The only drawings are some of the engine unit which we have put on the ‘new’ covers. Also added is a potted history of Doble’s life, and of the car. 21 landscape format pages.

Rare information!